Rate of DWI Arrests in Austin “No Refusal” Weekend Said to be “Exponentially Higher” Than Prior Weekend Initiatives

“No refusal” weekends are a popular tactic employed by Texas law enforcement. As we have posted about before, these programs basically involve a heightened law enforcement presence on roads and highways combined with judges standing by to sign off on search warrants to compel blood samples from drivers who refuse to submit to breath or blood tests.

The recent Memorial Day “no refusal” period enforced by Austin police has led to many arrests of drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated. According to Patch.com:

“The latest iteration of ‛no refusal’ netted 166 drunk drivers—a number exponentially greater than previous weekend initiatives. The most recent DWI crackdown was in effect each night between the hours of 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. from May 26 to June 12. Last year, 107 people were arrested during ‛no refusal’ initiatives for Memorial Day and the ROT Rally, police noted.

“The 164 arrests in the last ‛no refusal’ period (albeit a conflated tally that combines totals from Memorial Day and ROT periods together) was an exponentially greater level during the Superbowl version conducted from Feb. 3-6, when 50 DWI arrests were made.”

I don’t think “exponentially” is the right word here – it means something is growing more and more rapidly, not simply that one number is bigger than another – but it is clear that Austin police were much more active in the recently reported “no refusal” period.


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