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CBS 48 Hours Features Infamous Fort Worth Murder

The CBS news magazine 48 Hours will focus on one of the most infamous Fort Worth criminal stories Saturday night: the Cullen Davis murders. The Star-Telegram provides this summary: “In August 1976, four people were shot and two killed at the oil baron’s mansion in southwest Fort Worth. Stan Farr, a former TCU basketball star, and 12-year-old Andrea Wilborn, Priscilla Davis’ daughter from a previous marriage, were killed.” Priscilla Davis and other witnesses identified the “man in black” as Cullen Davis.

Davis was charged with capital murder in Andrea’s death but was acquitted. In his trials he was represented by famous Texas criminal defense attorney Richard “Racehorse” Haynes.

Former Tarrant County prosecutor and current Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney, Christy Jack is quoted by the Star-Telegram: “This is a case that involves wealth, that involves sex, that involves vengeance and that involves murder.” Jack is also quoted as saying that despite Cullen Davis’s acquittal, she does not think of the murders as unsolved, instead she thinks of the case as being unproven.

A detailed account of the crime can be found in the article “Rich Man, Dead Man” from the March 1977 Texas Monthly.