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Defending Drug Possession Charges in Tarrant County

Law enforcement officials are notoriously tough when investigating potential drug offenses, and prosecutors rarely go easy on alleged offenders. In Texas, a person can be found guilty of drug possession if they are found to be violating the Texas Controlled Substances Act by knowingly possessing a drug for which they do not have a valid prescription.

If you are facing charges for a drug crime, you can turn to the Fort Worth drug possession attorneys at Blake & Blake, LLP. Our team has extensive experience defending against drug crime allegations and can mount a strategic and effective defense on your behalf.

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Is Drug Possession a Felony in Texas?

Yes, drug possession is a felony charge in Texas. However, while many drug possession cases are prosecuted as a felony, different cases could be considered a misdemeanor up to a first-degree felony. The severity of drug possession, or drug penalty groups under Texas law, depends on the nature of the controlled substance.

Drug Possession Charges in Texas

Texas law organizes illegal drugs into four classes with each class carrying its own set of penalties. It is important to note that in Texas, marijuana is its own class.

The penalties you may face will depend on various factors, such as:

  • The type of drug you are found possessing
  • The amount of the drug you have in your possession
  • How you stored or concealed the drug
  • Whether you possessed additional drug paraphernalia
  • Whether you have any past convictions

Even a misdemeanor marijuana possession conviction can have life-changing consequences, so it is best to retain a trusted Fort Worth drug crime lawyer if you are facing allegations or formal charges.

Texas Drug Possession Penalties

If you are convicted of a drug possession charge, you could face harsh penalties including:

  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Large Fines
  • A permanent criminal record that can make it difficult to get a job, obtain a loan, or rent a home

Common Drug Possession Defenses

If you have been accused of drug possession, there are a variety of defense strategies that can be used to defend against a drug possession charge, including:

  • You lacked knowledge that you were in possession of the drug
  • The drug you possessed was not intended for human consumption
  • You are legally allowed to possess the drug
  • You did not possess the amount of the drug that the prosecution alleges

If you’re feeling hopeless as you go up against the criminal justice system, rest assured that Blake & Blake, LLP knows the effective strategies and tactics that yield results at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

Our Fort Worth drug possession attorneys have what it takes to help you achieve the outcome you are seeking. We look forward to discussing your case during a free initial consultation.

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