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Obtaining legal counsel is imperative for anyone charged with a crime in Texas. But it is especially important for juveniles accused of a crime because juveniles often have options available to avoid criminal conviction and keep their records clean. In cases alleging serious crimes, the State may seek to prosecute a juvenile as an adult in the regular court system.

In Tarrant County, juvenile cases are heard by a special juvenile court. In these cases, the goal is to rehabilitate the juvenile even where he is found responsible for the alleged conduct. Our goal is always first to seek dismissal of the charges, but where dismissal is not possible we seek outcomes that keep the case off of juvenile’s record. Even minor theft charges can be a big problem later in life because theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude and can limit future educational, employment, and licensing opportunities.

If your child or relative is facing criminal charges, the attorneys at Blake & Blake LLP can help. Our goal is always to get charges dismissed and where we cannot we work to make sure your child’s record stays as clean as possible so that their future is not harmed by mistakes they made as a child. Call us at 817-440-444 to discuss your case.