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Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime changes your life in an instant. If you are convicted of the charge, the situation becomes even more serious. You may owe fines, spend time in jail or even face the death penalty. To ensure that you have the best possible chance of avoiding conviction, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side.

DWI Defense | Fort Worth DWI Lawyers | Arlington DWI Lawyers

Have you been arrested on drunk driving charges? Before you assume that you have no choice but to accept those charges, pay the fine and move on, take the time to consider all of the potential punishments and consequences you face. Not only do you face monetary fines, but you also face suspension of your license, driver’s license “surcharges” imposed by the Texas DPS that can add up to thousands of dollars, and even jail time. Before you accept those accusations, you need to talk to a Dallas/Fort Worth DWI attorney.

Entertainment Law

‎Texas entertainment transactions and litigation attorneys. Legal services for television, film, and video game projects including: negotiations, contract drafting and contract review, production counsel, permitting, music licensing, merchandising, and insurance. Applications and issues involving Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program.‎

Fort Worth Grand Jury Attorney

  Called “grand” because they traditionally had 23 members, compared to a “petit jury” which consisted of 12 members, Grand Juries do not determine a person’s guilt but instead determine whether probable cause exists to charge a person with a felony. The origin of the grand jury is lost to history, but during the reign of Henry...


When someone passes away, leaving behind an estate and a will, division of the property should be fairly straightforward. However, that does not mean the court system will not get involved. In many instances where a will is the primary document outlining how an estate will be divided, that estate must enter the probate process. Blake & Blake LLP offers the services of a Tarrant County probate attorney to help Fort Worth families through this process as they deal with the loss of a loved one.

White Collar Crime and Criminal Investigations

Blake & Blake provides zealous representation through all phases of the investigative process. Many of the cases handled by the Fort Worth law firm involve white collar crime, with clients accused of everything from bank fraud to embezzlement. Federal prosecution’s seemingly unlimited resources may make legal victory seem improbable in the face of white collar allegations, but with Blake & Blake LLP’s help, a favorable case outcome is possible.