When someone passes away, leaving behind an estate and a will, division of the property should be fairly straightforward. However, that does not mean the court system will not get involved. In many instances where a will is the primary document outlining how an estate will be divided, that estate must enter the probate process. Blake & Blake LLP offers the services of a Tarrant County probate attorney to help Fort Worth families through this process as they deal with the loss of a loved one.

What Is Probate?

When someone passes away, probate is the legal process that takes place that handles the will and takes care of the individual’s last affairs, distributing property and paying down debts. This process requires a significant amount of paperwork and a lengthy time in court. Without the help of a skilled probate attorney, those beneficiaries named in the will could lose some of the assets or property they should receive to the court costs associated with this process. Blake & Blake LLP has a team of skilled attorneys who are ready to help you with the probate courts.

Help for the Probate Process

If you have lost a loved one and the estate is heading towards probate, you will want to consult with an attorney to ensure that you understand the process and are able to protect as much of the estate as possible. Blake & Blake LLP provides compassionate service to those entering the probate courts to deal with an estate.

How to Avoid Probate

After an individual has died, nothing can be done to avoid the probate process. However, if you have an estate you want to protect from this process, you can take measures before your death to do so. Putting the estate into a joint tenancy or living trust arrangement can protect it from the probate courts and the costs of those courts. Blake & Blake LLP can help you set up one of these structures, so those you leave behind are not faced with the delays of probate court.

Whether you are setting up your estate for end-of-life issues or are dealing with the aftermath of the loss of someone you loved, the right attorneys on your side will make the difference as you move forward with your case. Contact Blake & Blake LLP today to work with a Tarrant County probate attorney who will guide you through this process with knowledge, skill and compassion.