Dallas Cowboy Facing DWI Charges and Possible Suspension

While most news coverage of the Cowboys has understandably focused on the Ezekiel Elliott situation, there are several other Cowboys players facing discipline by the NFL. One of those players is cornerback Nolan Carroll, an off-season addition formerly with the Philadelphia Eagles. Carroll was arrested by Dallas police in May on suspicion of driving while intoxicated following a traffic stop. Carroll’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is alleged to have been 0.08.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Carroll “belie[ves] that the case will never be heard by the NFL because he plans to beat it in court.” Carroll says that prosecutors with the Dallas district attorney’s office has offered to reduce the DWI charge to a traffic violation with community service as punishment. Carroll and his attorney have apparently rejected this offer and believe that they will be able to show the traffic stop was improper. According to the Star-Telegram, “[t]he initial report indicated Carroll was driving on the wrong side of the road, prompting the officer to pull him over. But a dash cam video shows that Carroll was on the correct side of the road.” In addition to the improper traffic stop, Carroll’s attorney claim there were mistakes made in the administration of the field sobriety tests.

Based on prior news reports, if Carroll were convicted of DWI he would face either a one- or two-game suspension by the League.

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